Carving Pumpkins

This year, both Daddy and Eliel got pumpkins.  Eliel picked out the face for Daddy's and he carved it while Eliel decorated his with various stickers, plastic bugs, pipe cleaners and markers.  He needed a little bit of help as we were using hot glue since white glue was not working but nonetheless, he had fun making his pumpkin his own.
Typically, Eliel doesn't care for arts and crafts but he was totally into his pumpkin this year.  I think having Daddy next to him doing the same thing was a huge boost!

Eliel could have decorated his pumpkin for hours.  We had to start limiting what he put on his pumpkin otherwise it would have been so covered you wouldn't have seen any pumpkin anymore!  I'm so glad he's starting to enjoy crafts though and I will definitely be looking for some Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts he can do all on his own.

 Just look at that smiling face!