First Visit to a Barber

Eliel had his first visit to a barber this weekend.  Typically Mommy cuts his hair but seeing as it was close to the holidays, we figured he could use a professional cut.  So, instead of going to one of the kiddie places, Daddy took him to the place where he gets his hair cut.

Surprisingly, Eliel did very well!  He didn't squirm or complain one bit which is WAY different than when Mommy tries to do it.  Usually, we have to bribe him with a movie and sometimes we even have to cut his hair in two shifts.  Maybe after getting his haircut here he will be better at home! (Yeah right!)

Eliel had lots of fun getting his hair cut.  He even got a red sucker at the end because he was so good!  That of course made him very happy.  And who wouldn't have lots of fun when the reading material they provide is this:

 I doubt we'll take Eliel to get his hair cut at the barber every time just because it's really unnecessary when all he needs is a touch up.  However, we will be going back a few times a year since he had so much fun!

What's even better is that after his haircut, Daddy took him to get a smoothie!  Yum!  What a handsome looking little guy.  So glad he's mine! :)
A sweet reward!