Halloween & Trick-or-Treat

This year, Eliel dressed up as a construction worker for Halloween.  He didn't have too strong of an opinion on dressing up as anything in particular so we gave him a few options.  He picked construction worker.  Until a week or so ago, he wasn't even too sure what trick-or-treating was so we didn't want to pick an elaborate costume in the event that he decided he didn't want to partake in trick-or-treating.  Because he never changes his mind at the last minute... ever. ;)

Our first Halloween experience this year was a trunk-or-treat activity through our local park district at the public works building.  He was quite excited to go to that because he knew that he would get to see all the trucks they use like the dump trucks, slow plows, etc.  We were a little nervous because he kept thinking that he was going to get to sit in the trucks.  We tried explaining what would happen but until we got there, we had no idea if he would like it or not.
In typical Eliel fashion, he watched the other kids for the first few minutes before joining in.  Daddy took Eliel to the bounce house and he had a blast playing in there without too many other kids.  We usually don't let him go in bounce houses because he can't quite keep his balance when bigger, older kids are jumping but since he was pretty much alone, he was able to.  He thought that was pretty cool.  Then, as he got more comfortable, he joined the trick-or-treat line with the other kids and proceeded to collect his goodies.  After that, he was pretty excited about Halloween.

With the weather predicted to be quite crummy, our town had a trick-or-treat in the downtown area the night before Halloween so we decided to participate in that. Eliel and I went in the late afternoon and stopped by Daddy's work which is in the downtown area before starting our trick-or-treating.  Eliel was again a little leery at first but once he got the hang of it, (and realized all the candy that was piling up in his pumpkin bucket) he was quite excited to continue.  We walked around for a little over an hour and then went back to Daddy's work.

On Halloween,  the weather was cold and rainy.  For most of the day, we weren't sure if we were even going to get to go trick-or-treating because the rain was heavy.  Luckily, the rain stopped mid-afternoon so we ate an early dinner and took Eliel out in the early evening.  He was quite excited and quickly got the hang of saying trick-or-treat and thank you.  Although he was bundled with a hat, gloves, heavy coat and boots, he had a lot of fun.  He even wanted to continue going to more homes after we had gone up and down our block (which took almost an hour).  Since he doesn't even eat most of the candy, we convinced him to go back home and pass out candy to trick-or-treating who came to our house.  He loved doing that and was waiting by the front door for them to come throughout the afternoon and evening.

I'm so glad he had fun and look forward to next year when he can tell us exactly what he wants to be for Halloween!