Storytime with Eliel

Since he was about six months old, we have been reading to Eliel before he goes to bed whether it's a nap or for the night.  He loves being read to and will often ask one of us to read to him even when it isn't bed time.
Although reading a bedtime story should be a soothing activity, Eliel tends to get quite excited; especially about certain books.  Here is a look at how he reacts.

In case you couldn't quite understand what he was saying, he was describing how the crushed concrete goes from the excavator into the machine, gets crumbled up and then goes out onto the conveyor belt.  Finally it drops into the pile... or so Eliel says.  We've wondered if sometimes reading these books gets him more wound up before falling asleep but he enjoys them so much, it's hard to steer him towards other stories!