Breakfast with Santa

Yesterday Eliel got to have breakfast with Santa!  A local church in our neighborhood (where I'm thinking he'll go for preschool) held a breakfast with Santa event and it was absolutely perfect for Eliel.  It wasn't super crowded but had enough going on that he was enthralled.  We began by being treated to a pancake breakfast that was staffed by local boy scouts.  Not only did they serve us but after initially bringing our pancakes they continued to come around and fill drinks, take our plates and were kinder than some waiters I've had that I've tipped!
After eating, we went to see Santa.  We only had to wait in line for about two minutes before it was our turn.  I was curious to see if Eliel would actually go up to him and talk but to my surprise, he did!  I think he really wants Santa to bring him a firetruck so he was willing to do anything to get one!  He stood next to Santa a very quietly told him what he wanted.  Santa told him to continue being a good boy and that if he was, a firetruck might be under the tree Christmas morning.  That made Eliel very happy!

After Santa, we went and did some fun holiday crafts.  Eliel decorated a tree with sequins and stars and made colored a red stocking.  That had about 6-7 other crafts to do but most were way too hard for him or involved hot glue and/or pins which aren't always the best for a two year old to use.  It was a really fun morning and perfect for a little guy (and Mommy) who gets nervous in big crowds!

To add to the holiday spirit, we took advantage of the slightly warmer weather and went to our town's light display.  We had missed the lighting of the tree last week because it was cold and rainy but today worked out really well.  Eliel loved walking around and seeing all the different light displays but the propeller plane was probably one of his favorites.  He also had fun ringing the bell on the train and sitting in the sleigh.  It was the perfect end to a Christmas filled day!