Decorating the Tree

Eliel's section of the tree
This is Eliel's first Christmas that he is actually 'getting' it all and I think he is having a blast with it.  Our first official holiday activity was to decorate the Christmas tree.  It was so sweet because I put the lights on while Eliel was taking a nap and when he came downstairs and saw the tree, he whispered a 'Wow!' which made my heart melt.
We proceeded to start decorating the tree and once he got the hang of it, he was in love.  He was jumping up and down, side to side and everywhere in between.  I love having my tree be absolutely perfect but this year I had to get over that very quickly as Eliel had his own

His favorite ornament
idea as to where the ornaments should go.  In fact, he has his own little section of the tree as you can see filled with Darth Vader, soccer balls and VW beetle ornaments.
The best part of it was when Daddy helped Eliel put the star on the top of the tree. Such a sweet moment!