Eliel the performer

So I promised a video or two of Eliel playing his ukulele for you.  These are not the best quality but they will have to do for now. 
Eliel has really taken to listening and singing along with music lately.  He caught us completely by surprise when one day, while Adam was playing a song, Eliel starting singing along.  When we asked what other songs he knew the words to, it turns out that he knew the words of most songs we listen to in the car!  (And we don't listen to kids songs in the car!)
Some of Eliel's favorite bands are Bully, American Authors, and The Front Bottoms just to name a few. (I'm still trying to turn him onto Pearl Jam but he can't quite understand the words when Eddie Vedder sings so it's not as enjoyable to him yet!)  He seems to like upbeat songs that have a really good bass or guitar in it.  Punk and pop songs seem to catch his attention.
The first video is one of Eliel's favorite songs to sing with Daddy.  It's Five O'Clock world from the Vogues.  I believe it's from the 50's.  If you're not familiar with it, you'll see why Eliel likes it so much!

The second song is on that is near and dear to our heart.  For each pregnancy, Adam has chosen a song, learned it and performed it just about every day while the baby is in the womb.  The theory is that when the baby comes out, it will be calmed by the same song.  It was definitely true for Eliel so we have done the same thing for baby #2.  This time, Adam chose "Don't Lose Your Love" by Ivan & Alyosha, also know as 'the baby son'.  It's a gorgeous song but is even more precious when sung by the two most important guys in my life!  Check it out!