Visiting with Santa... again

This past weekend we went to visit Santa again.  We weren't initially planning on it but I happened to be on a waiting list and during the week we found out we had tickets to go.  It was a breakfast with Santa although it wasn't nearly as nice as the one we went to the previous weekend.  Although there was breakfast food, they ran out of drinks for kids and adults.  It was a little hard to explain to Eliel while some kids had juice boxes but he couldn't have one.  Luckily he dealt with it quite well.
The best part was this picture!  It's hard to get Eliel to take a picture without his 'cheese' face but I got one!  Plus Santa is smiling too! :)
Eliel asked Santa for a red firetruck and a red propeller plane again.  However, he also threw in a red car he can drive!  WHAT?!?  We've been explaining to him that once he tells Santa, he can't keep adding things.  Today he told me he wants a red space shuttle too.... Well at least we know he's getting the hang of the whole Santa thing! :P

We were also treated to seeing Santa's reindeer!  Eliel thought this was very cool and was excited to pet them as well (after Daddy did first of course!)  So, although breakfast was kind of a bummer, we had a blast spending time as a family (of three for now!).  I wouldn't trade these moments for the world!