First movie in a Theater

Eliel watched his first movie in a thear on New Year's Day: STAR WARS!  I'm not sure who was more excited, Daddy or Eliel.  We had debated whether or not to take him since we weren't sure he'd be able to sit through the whole thing as it's over two hours long.  Eliel loves everything Star Wars though and so we figured if we were going to go show him a movie in a theater, this was our chance.
We picked an early show on New Year's Day thinking it would be empty but surprisingly, it was quite packed.  Luckily, we go there early enough to get seats in the back where Eliel wouldn't bother as many people if and when he decided to stand up.  He loved the fact the they had red seats and that the screen was so big. 
I wished I could have taken a picture of him when the movie first started.  He was sitting on Daddy's lap and his mouth literally dropped open as the theme music started.  Throughout the whole movie, he sat on either Daddy's or Mommy's lap and was mostly quiet.  He had a lot of questions but luckily he asked them during louder portions of the movie so no one was really disturbed (at least we hope not!)
Afterwards, when he went the entire movie without getting up even to go to the bathroom, we knew we had made the right decision in bringing him.  It was a such a fun time for everyone!