40 weeks and still pregnant

I'm still here and very pregnant!  I had my 40 week doctor appointment yesterday and despite all the contractions I've been having, I am not necessarily any closer to having this baby (at least according to measurements!)  Having said that, anything can happen and I am definitely doing everything I can to try and get this baby out.  We really want to meet him/her!
My doctors will only let me go one week past my due date so I am scheduled to be induced next Friday, the 12th.  This is one thing I am completely against so I am doing anything to try and go into labor before it.  Thankfully, it's a warmer weekend so I've been walking a lot and trying not to relax in hopes that the baby will become uncomfortable and want to come out!
I will take a picture of me at 40 weeks but wanted to get this update out there as soon as possible since many of you have been wondering and asking how we're doing.  I so appreciate all the well wishes and I hope to introduce you to the newest member of our family shortly!  Until then, think labor thoughts for me! :)

PS>  Many of you asked about the baby hunch and I wanted to let you know that guessing the due date is not the only way to win.  You can actually earn more point by guessing the correct gender, hair and eye color!  Check out the website and you can see how they will tally the points once the baby come.  So don't be discourage if Baby Thoma didn't come on your date! :)

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