Easter Egg Hunt

This past weekend, we took Eliel to his first big Easter Egg Hunt.  We had done one at home last year but this was the first one where he hunted for eggs with other kids.   The verdict: he loved it!  In fact, he's been hiding eggs for me all week and sending me on an egg hunt throughout the house.

We chose a hunt at our local historical society.  Not only was it a great way to support the society but it was a well-run hunt with limited number of kids who could sign up so it wasn't too overwhelming for Eliel.  The divided the kids by age so the older kids were hunting in a different area from the younger kids.  Eliel was with the 0-4 year olds so he was right in the middle.  Once he got the hang of it, he was picking up eggs right and left!  At first he was a little bit shy about it and would let other kids get the eggs which were right in front of him.  Once we explained that it was a race to see who could get them, he quickly went to pick up the eggs.
He ended up picking up about 25 eggs and scored lots of fun candy!  The Easter Bunny was there too and while Eliel was excited that he showed up, he did not want to go anywhere near him.  He was content to wave at him from a few feet away.  I always hated 'characters' when I was growing up so it's not surprising that he doesn't like them either!  He has decided that he'd like a red bike from the Easter Bunny though so we'll have to see if he gets what he wants!

Ooo there's one

Check out the candy in these!

Oops!  Someone missed this egg.  I'll grab it!