Eliel gives Aldous a bottle

Eliel has been begging us to let him feed Aldo.  He even told me that he would burp him all by himself too!  So, this past weekend we gave Eliel his chance.  Aldous had already had a few bottles by this point so it wasn't a brand new thing for him, but it was for Eliel!  He was so excited that he got to use the boppy (the pillow that helps position the baby while nursing or taking a bottle) too.  
 Eliel was very intense for the first couple minutes and was loving the fact that he was feeding Aldo.  However, after no more than five minutes, Eliel exclaimed that Aldo was done eating so he could get up now.  Guess the whole bottle feeding wasn't exactly what he thought it would be!  It was definitely cute while it lasted though!