First Bath

After losing his umbilical cord at two weeks, Aldous was ready for his very first bath!  Eliel wanted to help so we gave Aldous his bath during the day instead of before bed which is customary in our house.  I was a little nervous about trying to bathe Aldous myself at first but Eliel turned out to be a huge help even though I thought he was going to make it harder at first.

Aldous enjoyed the bath right away.  He was crying  before I put him in the bath but once he hit the water, he quickly quieted down.  Eliel kept him warm by gently pouring warm water over his belly while I washed Aldous's hair.  It was definitely a team effort!  Since the first time, Eliel has continued to help me bathe Aldous and quite often asks when he can do so again.

I just love the picture below in which both boys are looking at each other.  Makes me heart full every time I look at it! I am one lucky girl!