Picture Update

We had a great week complete with playing outside a little bit, taking naps (Mommy loves this!) and we even a took trip to our local forest preserve for their maple syrup festival.
Aldous is doing better with his reflux issue.  The medicine is definitely helping with the pain bit we're also seeing less spitting up and thankfully the projectile vomiting has stopped!  Not sure exactly what is causing everything to be better as we're doing more than just medicating him but whatever is, we have a much happier baby!  He still doesn't like to take long naps, but at least I know I can get about 30 minutes every few hours which is more than some babies do!
Here are some picture highlights:
Maple Syrup Festival Fun

Taking a stroll through the nature preserve

Checkout my R2D2 hat!

 Look at those rolls!

Someone LOVES to sleep on his tummy...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Twins!

Eliel loves to 'help' Aldous with his toys