Easter has come and gone and I am just getting around to posting about it now.  Eliel, unfortunately, caught his first cold (yes first!) two days before Easter so it made for a rough weekend.  He is finally over his cold but not before giving it to his brother, cousin and Gram (or at least that's all that we know of).  I know he was good at sharing already but this is not something we wanted him to share.  So, forgive me for falling behind but with two sick kids; I was barely hanging on for a while!  I also did not take any pictures on Easter except for when the Easter bunny came.  It was honestly a whirlwind of a day!

The day before Easter, Eliel and Daddy had a lot fun coloring Easter eggs.  Eliel really got the hang of it this year and was very opinionated when it came to coloring the eggs!  With Daddy's help, we were able to make some really cool ones!

Anyway, for Easter, Eliel received a red Star Wars bike from the Easter bunny!  We were hoping to get a really good reaction when he saw it but because he wasn't feeling well, he didn't seem to care at first.  That was until he tried to ride the bike!
Eliel has only ever had a big wheel so getting a bike was a huge deal!  He started asking for one last summer when he saw the neighborhood kids riding them.  Since the weather wasn't warm enough yet, Adam let Eliel learn to ride his bike in the basement.  For the first few times, he had trouble getting going. But after awhile, he really got the hang of it and was having a ball.  His hardest part is looking where he is going!  Now, he's able to ride pretty much on his own with only the occasional push from Mommy or Daddy!

As for the rest of Easter, we spent the afternoon at my parents' house along with my sister and Adam's parents. Eliel spent most of it on the couch miserable but at least the rest of us had a nice time!

Woo Hoo for my first Easter!