3 months

It's so hard to believe that Aldous is 3 months old already (or was on the 7th!  I'm a little behind...)

He is growing quite nicely and now weights 14lbs, 4oz which is the 55th percentile.  He is 24 inches tall which is the 40th percentile.  He continues to be just about a pound heavier than Eliel was at this age.  However, you have to consider that Eliel was 6 days early, Aldo was 2 days late.  Plus, Aldo was born one pound heavier than Eliel so all in all, they're pretty much keeping up with one another.  Only time will tell if Aldo catches up to Eliel in weight and height at some point!

Aldo is our happy little baby. He loves to smile and will try and engage you in 'talking' if he can.  He seems to love to hear the sound of his own voice!  He loves to play with any of his activity centers which hang toys over his head.  He can bat at the toys and sometimes succeeds in grabbing them.  He'd love to put them in his mouth if he could!
Aldo has a very strong neck and head and can hold his head up all by himself when being held.  It makes carrying him around the house so much easier!  He loves to watch his big brother play and kicks his legs like crazy trying to move closer to whatever Eliel is doing.  If Eliel is in the room, Aldo would rather watch him than eat!

Aldo still suffers from his tummy troubles but it is definitely getting better.  I got the green light from the pediatrician to wean him off of it so hopefully I just filled his last round of medication!  (Cross your fingers!)  He still tends to spit up a lot, but that is also lessening.  We've had great luck with giving him probiotics every day and I can definitely tell when I have forgotten them.

We're so looking forward to all the adventures that we'll get to have with both boys this summer!  It's going to be a crazy one! :P