Brothers Playing

Aldo has started to become more responsive and so Eliel has enjoyed 'playing' with him a lot more lately.  Although, basically Eliel is content to just have Aldo in the same room as he is while he plays around him, but it's a start!  Eliel also like to read to Aldo and shake toys in front of his face.  It will be interesting once Aldo starts to grab those toys but it's hard to explain that to a three year old.

Aldo still spits up a lot, hence the huge bib he is wearing in some of the pictures.  He is typically more comfortable on his tummy due to the reflux but it also makes him spit up more when you first put him down.  It's better than him spitting up while you're walking down the hallway thought which is what typically happens!

  This is one of my favorite pictures so far of Eliel playing with Aldo.  They both look genuiely happy to be with one another.  Can't wait to see where this friendship goes!