This weekend we were lucky enough to take a trip to the zoo with a surprise visitor: Auntie Cat!  It was also Aldo's first time at the zoo.  It was absolutely perfect weather and we all had a great time!

We mainly stuck to the outdoor exhibits this time since it was so nice out.  We saw everything from penguins to parakeets to buffalo.  Since I had to stop and feed Aldo for awhile, Daddy, Auntie Cat and Eliel went into the special Hamil Family Play Zoo exhibit to get some hands on animal time with the parakeets, wallabies, emus, and goats.  Auntie Cat did a great job of capturing some pictures for me since I couldn't be there.  The last time we all went into the parakeet aviary, Eliel was a little more timid and wouldn't touch or feed the parakeets so this was huge!  We're slowing toughing up this sweet little boy! :P
In addition to all the fun picture below, Auntie Cat used her editing skills to put together a quick video of our day.  Check it out: Day at the Zoo  
Can't wait for the long weekend!  I'm sure we'll come up with something fun!