Daddy and Eliel together

Since Mommy has to take care of Aldous since we're still nursing, many times, Daddy and Eliel spendlots of time together.  It will be nice when we can do more things as a family together but for the time being, some things happen too late for Aldous so Daddy and Eliel go together.  (Even though Mommy could go, I'm usually too tired!)

Two weeks ago, Daddy has a ground breaking for a building he worked on in Sheboygan Wisconsin.  They went up for the afternoon and enjoyed an evening together.  They even stopped at a famous frozen custard place on the way up.   I was pretty bummed I had to miss it.  They ate from food trucks, watched a drum line and listened to some other music at the festival.

Last week Daddy took E to see The Force Awakens at an outdoor showing put on by our park district.  They were out so late that Mommy was already in bed when they got home!
Since Daddy and Eliel have been spending so much time together, I get to hear a lot of what goes on through Eliel's eyes.  The following video is an example of just that! (And for the record, when he says black person, he means black car!)

Eliel is a sponge so anything and everything you say around him will probably come back out at some point!  And surprisingly usually in the correct context! :P