Holiday Weekend

Last weekend was so much fun I feel like we're still recovering from it!  Our weekend was filled with carnivals, fireworks, friends, family, and even a soccer tournament!

Last year, when the local carnival came to town, Eliel was too small to go on most of the rides.  This year, however, he was tall enough!  At first, he was a little but apprehensive about going on the rides.  However, once he went on one and found out how much fun it was, he was eager to go on more.  His first ride was the swings.  After he got over the fear of that, he went on the ferris wheel, the fun slide, the cars, and motorcycles.  Daddy went on some of the bigger rides with him since Eliel was still too small to go on those by himself.  After all the nervousness about going on the rides, then of course Eliel did not want to stop!  He'll have so much fun next year!
Eliel also got to see fireworks... twice.  I took him on Thursday night to a festival near us.  It was great because the fireworks show was early and short.  We were home and he was in bed by 10pm.  He enjoyed them so much I decided to take him to another show on the 4th itself.  Unfortunately, that one was a big longer and about halfway through, Eliel asked if we could go home.  I did manage to convince him to stay till the end but since we didn't get home until almost 11 o'clock,  he was quite exhausted.  He did enjoy it though and I enjoyed getting to spend some one on one time with him.

On the 4th, we went to the parade and it's by far one of Eliel's favorite things to do.  Our town's parade it quite an ordeal as you need to put out your blankets the night before in order to save a spot.  We had a spot in the shade for Aldo but luckily the weather was cloudy and quite cool.  Not only did Eliel get to see some pretty cool things but he came home with a bag (and quite a large one!) filled with candy.  I think he got more than he did at Halloween!
We spent the rest of the fourth at Adam's parents house for a BBQ with some other family.  It was a great day!