Yummy Solids

At his last doctor's appointment, we were given the green light to start Aldo on solid foods.  Being that he gained so much weight, we were hopeful that giving him some solids would help keep him fuller for a little longer during the day.  He was beginning to wake up early from his naps.

As with Eliel, we started Aldo on avocados.  At first, he wasn't a big fan of it but over the past week, he has really come to enjoy it!  Here's a quick video of him 'eating'
It's been almost two weeks since he started solids (I'm a little behind on my blog posts!) but we've already given him a variety of foods.  Aldo has enjoyed bananas, pears, apples, oatmeal and sweet potatoes.  He especially liked those!  We also tried green beans but so far, he wasn't a fan even when mixed with pears!  They blend to a weird consistency though so perhaps it's more a texture than a taste issue with the beans.  Next on the menu is carrots, green peas and quinoa.
I am again making all of Aldo's baby food just as I did with Eliel.  When I can, I like to give whole foods just smashed up like bananas and avocados but if not, I use my trusty baby food blender and blend away.

Eliel also loves to try and help us feed Aldo.  Sometimes he makes it harder than it has to be but I love that he wants to help his little brother.  His favorite thing is to give Aldo a few sips of water when he's done eating.  Aldo loves it and enjoys when Eliel helps him drink!

Eliel is very excited that Aldo will soon be eating just like him.  He had a blast watching his cousin Jacob eat like a big  boy!