7 months

Our little Aldous turned 7 months old and is such a happy little guy!  This was our first month not visiting the doctor so we don't know how much he weighs but we can definitely tell he's getting taller.  He has now moved onto 9 month clothing and at the rate he's going he'll be wearing the same size as Eliel soon! :P

Aldous learned how to sit up quite well and can do so on pretty much any kind of surface.  He only tends to fall over when he's reaching for something.  He's also learned how to get onto all fours and rock back and forth.  As soon as he figures out how to move, he's going to be gone!

Just like Daddy, Aldo loves to eat!  If he can figure out how to pick it up, he puts hit in his mouth.  Most things get squished along the way but a lot of things do end up where they should go! :)  He typically will let us give him the majority of his meal on the spoon but once he's had enough, he prefers to try and feed himself.  Lately, he's been eating yogurt, mangoes, lots of sweet potatoes, some spaghetti and meatballs (blended) and eggs.  He likes to pick up and 'eat' apple slices, pear slices and watermelon although when he's done he looks like he took a bath in fruit juice!

Aldo loves watching his brother and if you need Aldo to laugh, Eliel can get him to to it just about every time.  Eliel loves to have Aldo 'watch' him play but hopefully soon they'll be able to play together!