First Day of Preschool

Eliel had his first day of preschool last week.  I was so nervous that he wasn't going to enjoy it and was going to cry when I left him but I was so pleasantly surprised!

The first day of school was a meet and greet with his teacher.  Eliel enjoyed checking out all the new toys as well.  The second day, Eliel had to go by himself.  The teachers did a wonderful thing by establishing a routine for E the day before at the meet and greet.  So, when it was time to leave him, he had his mind set on going in the room and following the routine.  I gave him a hug and a kiss and he walked right in.  I was so flabbergasted that it took me a few seconds to realize he wasn't having a melt down!  I was so proud of him!

Since then, he's been doing great.  A little crying right before he walks in but once he's in, he's fine.  And he greets Aldo and I with a smile when we pick him up so that's wonderful!

Here are Eleil's 1st Day of Preschool Stats:
(I don't have time or money to make those fancy ones like on Pinterest! :P)

School: First United Methodist of AH
Teacher: Mrs. Hertvik
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Number: 8
Favorite Character:  Kylo Ren
Future Occupation: Construction Worker
Favorite Food: tomatoes
Favorite Sport: soccer