First Family Vacation

Last week we took our first official family vacation to St. Louis.  We chose it because it was a relatively short drive and there are a lot of family friendly activities to do in St. Louis.  It was a good choice because although the weather was nice, it was quite warm some days and being able to choose between indoor and outdoor activities was nice.

One of the first things we did was visit the Arch.  Eliel had been dying to see it ever since we drove into the city and he saw it from the highway.  We made a decision to try and go early to avoid crowds and it worked out really well.  We didn't have to wait at all except for a few minutes for the elevator to arrive.  Once inside the elevator (which was so tiny we barely all fit!) it was a short 4 minute ride 600+ feet to the top.  At the top, Eliel and Daddy enjoyed looking out the window at the city and rive below.  I'm quite scared of heights so I was perfectly fine to just look straight out, not down.  It's quite an experience and something I highly recommend doing!

Happy Aldo!

Happy Eliel

Afterwards, we walked over to the City Garden which is fantastic area right in downtown with lots of flowers, fountains and benches.  The fountains are so spectacular that they encourage kids to play on them and in them!  Eliel had a ball running in and around the fountains.  He even climbed in one!  It was a great day!

Stay tuned for more STL posts!