Grant's Farm

One of the things Eliel really wanted to do was ride a camel while we were on vacation.  He got the idea after showing him a brochure for a a place called Grant's Farm.  It's actually the Anheuser Busch property right next to President Grant's old house. They have a cute little park with tons of different animals including camels, elephants, kangaroos and lemurs.  They also give two free beers to adults!

The first thing we did was let Eliel ride the camel.  I kind of suspected he would chicken out when he realized he'd be going by himself but was pleasantly surprised when he did it!  He had a smile on his face the entire time!

Eliel also loved feeding the camels and one in particular was blind and so he would simply open his mouth and allow you to throw the kibble right in.  Took Eliel a few tried to get it in but finally everyone was happy!

Finally, even though Adam and I don't drink beer, we had to try one they had on tap.  We both chose the darkest they had and were quite surprised at how good it tasted.  Adam had to take a picture of me with the beer since he said he didn't ever think he's seen the site before!

 We had such a blast in St. Louis and although we needed a vacation from our vacation, it was so great to be able to spend some quality time with the family.  Can't wait to do it again (but maybe not too soon!)