8 months

Another month has gone by and Aldo is another month older.  Sometimes it seems like time is standing still while other times, it seems like it's speeding on by in the blink of an eye. 
Aldo is a huge 8 month old!  He now weighs 19 pounds, 1 ounce which is the 52nd percentile and he is 28 inches tall, which is the 60th percentile.  He's on a perfect growth curve though so even though he's way bigger than Eliel was, he's just where he should be.  He's going through Eliel's clothes way faster though so even though I have lots of boys clothes, I'm not sure Aldo is going to fit into them in the right season!  Maybe he'll get some new clothes for a change...

Aldo knows what he wants... and it's usually Mommy.  He has developed a strong separation anxiety and if I'm in the room, he has to be with me.  So, if I can't hold him, I end up putting him somewhere where he can't see me.  He still cries after a while but hopefully this is just a phase.

Aldous loves to eat and so far, there isn't too much he won't eat.  He's doing well with picking up foods, although he currently loves to squish them between his fingers if he can.  Yogurt and bananas seem to be favorites right now.

A few days before he turned 8 months old, Aldo learned to crawl.  He was doing it slowly at first but now he's really figured it out and he can crawl just about anywhere he wants to go.  Usually it's into Eliel's room! 
Aldous's hair is starting to get curly!  The entire back (although hard to see in the picture) curls up, sometimes even in perfect ringlets.  It's so cute!  I'm hoping it stays that way.  His eyes are still a green/hazel color but Eliel's were at this age too before turning brown around his first birthday.  

Aldo continues to make us smile daily.  He is usually a very happy little guy.  He loves anything Eliel does and if you need to get Aldo to laugh, just send in his  big brother!