CAF Open House

Last weekend, Adam, Eliel and I went downtown for the Chicago Architecture Foundation's (CAF) Open House Chicago.  It's a weekend every fall where many famous and special buildings downtown are open to the public for free.
Eliel has recently shown as interest in skyscrapers so Adam was quite excited to bring him down to see some real ones and even go in one!  We left Aldo at home with Grandma since we figured he wouldn't care whether he was in a skyscraper or the house and took the train down.  Eliel was in awe of the train and entertained the entire train car with his commentary as he looked out the window.
While downtown we visited the Lyric Opera, a new apartment building in Block 37, and the BCBS building while stopping at the Picasso sculpture at the Daley Center and the Chicago Theater.  Eliel was full of questions and loved seeing all the sites.  It was fun to just be tourists in our own city!
Dyed Cubby Blue!

Picasso Sculpture

Top of Marquee apartments at Block 37

Top of the BCBS building