More Pictures

We've been having lots of fun lately!  Aldo is becoming much more interative and reactive, especially with Eliel.  Anything Eliel does, Aldo likes and typically laughs at.  Since starting to crawl, Aldo and Eliel seem to be able to play together.  I love watching them interact.

In addition to crawling, Aldo has learned how to pull himself up into a standing position (and it quite proud of himself when he does it!)  Eliel says he can't wait until Aldo can walk, but honestly I can wait.  

After nap time one day, Eliel suddenly had a big epiphany that Aldo had never seen the Death Star blow up (from the Star Wars movie).  So, we went to trusty You Tube and found a 10 minute clip in order to make sure that Aldo was up to speed!

As tired as I am, I am having so much fun with the boys!  Eliel never ceases to amaze me and I Aldo puts a smile on face (when he's not crying!)  Life just keeps getting better with these kiddos!