Whew!  Where did September go?  Can't believe it's October already!  We've been really busy but I can't honestly say what we've specifically been up to.
Aldo has been trying to crawl and is almost there!  As much as I want him to, I don't want him to because he will be able to get into a lot more trouble! :)  He's been practicing eating lots of different foods and as soon as he can figure out the pincer grasp, he will definitely eat just about anything you put in front of him.
Eliel has been having a bit of a rough time at preschool.  He was so happy the first day or two and then once he realized school was a permanent thing, he began to get upset.  He gets very worked up about it at home, crying from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to school.  However, surprisingly, he's stopped crying while he's at school so that's a start.  He seems to enjoy school while he's there and is all smiles when I pick him up.  Hopefully he'll get over it soon.
Since I've been slacking on the posts, here are a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks to hold you over!