9 months

Little Aldous is 9 months old.  Already.  I just booked a place for his first birthday. What?  Sometimes I hate myself for wishing he'd grow up a bit.  I know I'm going to regret it one day.

Anyway, Aldo is our sweet, curious, spirited little man who knows what he wants.  (It's usually Mommy) He has recently learned how to start communicating with us to get what he wants and has become very good at voicing his displeasure.  He is pretty good at signing and can sign more, all done, and doggy.  We're still working on diaper and help.  Our next ones will be Daddy, brother and maybe Mommy although I'm worried if we teach him that, it's all he'll say!

Aldo continues to be an amazing eater.  He will pretty much eat anything you put in front of him.  The only thing he's had some trouble with is sweet peppers but I'm not sure if that was because he couldn't chew them or didn't like them.  I still blend some of his meals to ensure he's getting the proper nutrition but most things I can either cut up small enough for him to eat or just smash with a fork.  Currently bananas, yogurt and strawberries seem to be favorites of his!  The four teeth he has makes it fun to listen to him crunch a snap pea or apple stick!

Aldo continues to crawl, although you can tell all he wants to do is walk like his big brother.  He has tried to grab the walker and take a few steps but try as he might, his little legs just won't quite do what he wants them to yet.  Once he figures it out, he'll be off and running.  The things will really get crazy around here!

 Aldo is typically a very happy baby, unless Mommy is in sight and he can't get to her.  He has the cutest little laugh and will giggle uncontrollably if you get him in the right mood.  He's starting to be much more fond of Daddy than previously and of course he wants to do everything Eliel does.  He can play independently for 20-30 minutes but will play longer if big brother is in the room too.  He loves Nugget and will frequently sign doggy to ask where he is.  He doesn't quite understand that Nugget isn't allowed upstairs where Aldo plays a lot!

9 months is one of my favorite ages and I'm so excited to see what this little man learns.  Each and every day is a new adventure with him and I'm so happy I have the privilege to spend my days with him!