A few days before Halloween, Eliel decorated his pumpkin.  We have him decorate instead of carve just because this way, he feel like he's actually participating rather than just watching Daddy carve his pumpkin.  Because let's be honest, who wants to give Eliel a knife? :)

 Eliel was very specific in what he wanted this year for his pumpkin.  He especially loves gluing fake bugs onto it!  If we let him, he would have used the entire bag!

Aldous had his very first Halloween and although he didn't get any candy, I think he had lots of fun greeting kids at the door.  Eliel, on the other hand, had a blast. We didn't go trick-or-treating until after dinner but he put on his costume at about 3 pm (and I had to hold him off until then as it was!)

When choosing his costume, Eliel thought for no more than a few seconds before choosing to be an astronaut.  We looked into making our own, but after searching the internet a bit, we settled on this one in the hopes that he will wear it even after Halloween is over.
Aldo was a different story.  We wanted him to be able to participate in the holiday but didn't want to go to too much trouble finding a costume that was basically only going to be used for pictures.  So, in keeping with the theme of 'moon' we decided Aldo should be a cow, as in 'the cow that jumped over the moon'.  He was cute so that's all that mattered!

We all went to the houses on our immediate block and then, Eliel and Daddy went down a few other streets while I took Aldo home to answer the door.  The result, two huge buckets of candy from only a few streets.  We now have enough candy to last us through the whole year!