Aldo's first Thanksgiving was awesome!  The kid ate like there was no tomorrow.  Even Grandma Diane was surprised at how much he was able to stuff into his little tummy.  Eliel even tried and ate some turkey (which is unusual for him because he doesn't typically eat meat!)
Let the Stuffing Begin!

 The boys' cousin Jacob was there too which made it even more fun.  He and Aldo are only 4 months apart so it's always fun to see them size each other up.  Aldo is always a little behind what Jacob can do and you can tell he's always frustrated by it.  Eliel was just happy to have the attention of so many people so he didn't really care to play with the 'babies'.  I'm sure he'll change his tune one day when they gang up on him!

As I always say, we're so blessed that our families get along so well and celebrate holidays together.  Not only does it make it easier for us, but makes the holidays that much more enjoyable!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving themselves!