10 months

Aldous had his 10 month doctor visit last week and he continues to be a strong, healthy boy.  His is twenty pounds, 8 ounces which is the 55th percentile.  He is 29 inches tall which is the 56th percentile.  Although he is almost perfectly 'normal' (which would be the 50th percentile) he still seems SO much bigger than Eliel.  Once I looked it up, I realized why.  Eliel didn't weigh this much until he was 15 months old! :)

Aldous is an eating machine.  He loves food and loves to eat.  He's starting to show preferences for certain foods and just like Eliel, fruits are a definite favorite.  He also loves noodles, especially with any kind of cheese sauce.  He's beginning to not love meat but luckily I can still get him to eat ground meats, especially turkey and chicken.  Turkey meatballs with noodles and tomato sauce are a huge hit right now!

Aldo is learning to walk and prefers it to crawling.  If there is something near near him he can push like a walker, he will use it to get around.  Chairs and step stools are current favorites!  In the last few days, he has successfully tried to stand by himself without holding onto anything for about 3-5 seconds at a time.  I'm sure as he gains strength and balance he will stand for much longer stretches at a time.

Aldo loves to communicate and does so through trying to 'talk' as well as sign.  He signs WAY more than Eliel ever did and tries to communicate often.  His latest 'talking' sound like this.  Aldo's Got It.  Aldo can sign: more, all done, milk, help, Daddy, eat and doggy.  He also waves goodbye (albeit backwards) and will wave at anyone in the store if they say 'hi'.  He's also made up a sign that he does with both hands and Adam and I have yet to figure out what it means.  He tries to bark like Nugget and tries to say 'play' by making the 'puh' sound.  He really just wants to be like his older brother and talk!  I'll try and see if I can get a video of him doing some of his signs.  It's really cute!

He's a pretty special little guy and the older he gets, the more fun we have with him.  The holidays are going to be so much fun!  Can't wait to share them with you all!