First Snow of the Season

This weekend we finally had the first snow fall of the season.  It wasn't a little one either and definitely was enough to play in!  I love the picture above because it shows how much fun my boys have together!  Aldous loves when Daddy pays special attention to him and Eliel is in the background about to hit them both with a huge snowball!  This is our life and I love it! :)

Eliel was pumped from the minute it started snowing.  He kept asking when he could go outside and we explained that the snow needed to pile up first before he could play in it.  Once he went out, it was hard to get him to come back in!  He and Daddy even walked down the block to our local sledding him and stayed there for over an hour.  Adam pretty much had to bribe him to get him to come in after almost three hours of being outside.

Aldo loved it and loved being pulled around in the sled. He would have stayed out longer too but I was worried he was getting cold and wet as it was still snowing as we were playing.  It was a wonderful first time for him and I'm sure Eliel can't wait to do it again!