Meeting Santa

This weekend we had breakfast with Santa at Eliel's preschool.  We went last year and this year was even better.  Eliel loved being able to show us his school and even commented while we were eating that 'this place is awesome!'  Aldo of course ate more than Eliel did and enjoyed people watching while the rest of us finished our breakfast.

 Before meeting Santa, Eliel laid down the rules.  He was not going to sit on his lap, he would stand next to him.  When it was his turn, he walked right up to Santa, told him he wanted a new marble game with a tipper (a wooden marble run like the one he has with 'new' pieces).  When Santa asked if he was good, he was very honest.  He said that he was mostly good but that's it's hard to be good all the time but he was trying.  Haha!  He's so brutally honest sometimes!
We waited to put Aldo on Santa's lap because we figured he's start crying right away and wanted to get a nice picture of Santa and Eliel.  To our surprise though, Aldous didn't cry!  Go figure!  He was quite intrigued though and I kept waiting for him to pull Santa's beard off or something.  I know he was thinking about it. :)
After Santa, I took Aldo home for a nap but Eliel stayed for awhile with Daddy and did a bunch of crafts.  I think he loved the extra attention because he was quite excited when he finally came home.  All in all, Aldo's first Santa experience was a success and hopefully Eliel continues to be a good boy and gets what he is wishing for!