Visiting the Planetarium

Daddy had another vacation day left so because Eliel LOVES anything and everything space, we decided to take him to the Adler Planetarium.
He was in awe and while we spent over four hours there, he probably could have easily spent another hour or two.  They had a great kids area that included everything from the Mars rovers to the International Space Station; two of Eliel's favorites!  He spent lots of time making a rocket launch, driving a remote control rover, and 'walking' through space.
Hi Aldous!
C'mon Aldo!  Follow Me!

Now that Aldo is more mobile, he was able to get out of the stroller a bit and walk around in the kids area.  Luckily, it was quite empty and we had most activities to ourselves.  Daddy and Eliel crawled underneath some rocks and beckoned Aldo to follow but surprisingly, he wouldn't.  Didn't bother the other boys though.  They decided to have some fun of their own instead!

In the model International Space Station, they had everything from robotic arms, to a pretend restroom, to sleeping bags just like the astronauts use on the real space station.  Eliel had a blast pretending to sleep in them.
Just my size

Pretending to sleep

One of the coolest things they had was the actual Gemini 12 capsule.  It's amazing to see how small it is and crazy to think two men stayed in there for four days without being able to move.  It was in a newer exhibit all about the moon and Eliel enjoyed being in here.  He's seen bit and pieces of the movie Apollo 13 so a lot of the artifacts were familiar to him.  Aldo just enjoyed playing on the moon itself.  :)
First little man on the moon
Happy moon walker

Although exhausting, I love family outings like this.  Hoping there will be many more to come!