11 months

It just hit me as I typed the title of this post that this is the last time I will write about Aldo as a baby.  My next monthly post about him will be because he is one year old.  I think I may want to cry. :(

Anyhoo, our little guy has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few weeks.  It's amazing how quickly they go from being babies to toddlers.  Aldo is still nursing but has quickly decided that there are better things he'd like to be doing most of the time.  I give it another few weeks before he completely decides he's done with that.  He typically eats more food than Eliel at each meal and usually sneaks in an extra snack or two as well.  It won't be long before the boys are wearing the same size clothes!
Aldo is very social and very communicative.  He signs all the time to tell us what he wants or needs and has even started to make up his own signs.  We have no idea what they mean but he's definitely trying to tell us something by using them. He's also very good at pointing which helps to figure out exactly what he wants.  Aldo wants just about whatever Eliel has and oddly enough, Eliel wants whatever Aldo has.  It's a never-ending cycle over here.
Aldo took his first steps on January 2nd and is quickly getting stronger and braver.  He will start walking any day now.  He still likes to use his walker but as soon as he realizes he doesn't need it, he'll be off.  That's when the real fun will begin!
Now that the holidays are over, we typically spend our days crawling from room to room playing with just about every toy we have.  Even though we got a ton of new toys for Christmas, it seems like Also enjoys playing with most things that aren't toys.  Namely my cookware, stacks of towels, books and anything in Eliel's room.  He LOVES Eliel's marble run game and loves putting the marbles down the ramp.  He claps and cheers as they go down the ramps.  Aldo also loves anything with cows lately.  If he sees a cow in a book or one of his farm toys, he gets excited and starts mooing.  It's pretty funny!  Once in a while he'll make a snort like a pig but so far, he's only done it for me.  He also loves ducks and can say the word duck which coincidentally was Eliel's first word too.  Although, he said it closer to 14 months!
Oh, did you need this paper that said 11 months?
Aldo is truly a happy little kid makes me smile every day.  I'm kind of sad that we've only got one more month of having a baby in this house but I'm so excited for the adventures we're going to have with our boys!