The Big O.N.E.

Our little man is one year old already!  Time sure flies way faster with the second little guy than it seemed to with Eliel.  In some instances his birth seems like such a long time ago and in other instances, it seems like just yesterday.
Aldo is without a doubt a happy little guy.  The only time he really seems to get upset is when he's hungry or tired (kind of sounds like Daddy! ;) He is such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle and snuggle.  Aldo also enjoys playing with his brother and it seems like Eliel is starting to like playing with him too now that Aldo can walk.  I think they're going to have a ball this summer!
Aldo is an eating machine.  He eats WAY more than Eliel does in any given sitting and for awhile was eating just about anything we put on his plate.  Recently, he has gotten more picky about food and is refusing to eat most meat just like his brother (which is fine but we just have to be careful about him getting enough iron from other foods).  It's definitely a texture thing because if I can disguise the texture of the meat, he will eat it.  Some of his favorite things to eat are spinach gnocci, noodles, and any kind of fruit.  He used to love green beans and carrots but now it's hit or miss.  He did love his first taste of birthday cake though!
Aldous is a great walker now and he goes anywhere and everywhere Eliel goes.  He loves to move toys from one room to another and he especially loves to play in Eliel's room with all the big boy toys.  Aldo can say dada, mama, papa, duck, cheese, ball and E (Eliel).  He loves to communicate and also signs more, help, play, dog, milk, water, eat and diaper.  I'm sure in the next few months he's going to add more words too!
We have not gone to the pediatrician yet as I'm waiting until after Eliel's birthday so I can take them both at the same time.  They're both going to get shots so it's going to be a rough visit!  I will update weight and height for both boys when we go.  I can tell you that Aldo was the EXACT same height as Eliel was at one year old according to our very scientific measuring instruments of making a mark on the pillar in the basement! :P

Can't wait for all the fun our new one year old will bring us!