Aldo weighs in

Even though Aldo's birthday was a few weeks ago, we had yet to go to the pediatrician for his one year appointment.  I made the boys' appointments together since Eliel needed one too and we had to wait until after Eliel turned four.  After weighing in, Aldo is exactly ten pounds lighter than Eliel at 21.5 pounds which is the 56th percentile for his age group.  He is 30 inches tall which is the 47th percentile.  So, as he's basically been since birth, he's pretty much perfectly normal!  Aldo received only two shots, even though they wanted to give him four.  He had a slight fever reaction to that many when they gave them a few months ago so I'd rather let his little body have only one or two at a time.  He'll get the other two at his 15 month appointment.  Other than the shots, he's healthy too.  He still spits up once in awhile, especially when he drinks a ton of water but the doctor seemed to think he was past all of that now.  He's walking like a champ and loves getting into everything around the house.  With the recent warm weather, it was fun to see him discover all the outside things he can do too.  Once it stays warm, the boys are going to have a blast outside together!