Pool Time!

This weekend we traveled to Indianapolis for a quick night to see some friends.  It was a lot of driving for one night but we still had fun and the boys were excited to stay in a hotel!  Aldo had never been in a pool yet so of course we had to take him.  Luckily it was quite warm and the kids had a blast playing!  We traveled with my best friend and her nieces so they boys had some older girls who doted on them the entire time!
Aldo loved being in the water which wasn't surprising since he absolutely loves playing in the bath tub.  When I took Eliel to swim lessons when he was 18 months old, it took almost 4 classes for me to get him to stick his face in the water and blow bubbles.  Aldo was doing it in a matter of minutes!  He was so excited to be in the water.
He also seemed to prefer to be with Adam in the water... a first!  So far, he has not preferred Adam for anything but in the last few weeks he has definitely come around.
Hopefully it will be a warm summer and we can take the boys swimming and to splash pads a lot.

I took a quick video of Aldo as he got in the water the first time.  It's nothing special but didn't want him to be slighted as the second child!