This month is literally flying by.  I just realized that it's almost the end of the month and I have yet to post about Easter yet!

This was Aldo's first time coloring Easter eggs with us and he seemed to really enjoy it.  He was not very gentle with the eggs but surprisingly we had few casualties.  Eliel had a ball watching the eggs turn colors and enjoyed mixing the colors to see what other colors he could make.  (He had previously done that in school with paint so it was fun to watch him make the connection!)  We went with simplicity this year and the eggs were all solid colors.  Hopefully next year we can try some fun variations!

Making his red, of cour

Check out the tongue!

On Easter Sunday, we were lucky enough to spend it with both sides of the family and the boys got to play with their cousin Jacob.  It was also a great weather day which made the day even more enjoyable!
I tried to get a nice picture of both of the boys but as usual, this is the best I could get (along with a few outtakes)...

Love my boys!