Fun weekend

Being one of the first nice weekends of spring, we took advantage of it and spent a lot of time outdoors.  The boys had a blast and were nice and tired from all the fresh air.
On Saturday, we went to the zoo.  Auntie Katie and Jacob joined us for some extra fun!  Although Aldo had been to the zoo before, we of course didn't remember any of it and was amazed by all the animals.  You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he recognized some of the animals from his books and toys.  Although he had a blast with most animals, especially if they were active, he especially liked the giraffes.  He even let Daddy hold him to watch them (which he never does!)  He also had a fun time watching the penguins.  They were right in front of him and he thought it was hilarious!
 Eliel loved being the 'big boy' and showing the two little guys all around the zoo.  I think he must have called both of their names easily one hundred times a piece.  He was so excited!

On Sunday, we decided to give Aldo his first bike ride.  He was very excited about it and was squealing when we first put him in the bike seat.  He had a huge smile and would giggle as I went over bumps.  He was so relaxed he fell asleep in it just before we got home!  I love spring weekends and can't wait for more!