15 Months

15 months has sure come quickly!  When I think back to what we were doing one year ago, I am quickly reminded of how tired I was and how Aldous's schedule pretty much dictated everything we did (or didn't do).  True, his nap still holds us back sometimes but at least he's not nursing every 3 hours anymore.

Aldous has developed quite the little personality and he loves to show it!  He continues to be extremely communicative and tries to use a combination of words, signs and head nods to get what he wants (or doesn't want).   I need to get a video of everything he can say because it's pretty amazing.  He loves to read books and will back up and sit down in your lap to have you read a book even if you're not expecting it.  He already idolizes Eliel and will do whatever he does.  He loves playing in E's room especially with the toy soldiers or Star Wars figures.  When Daddy plays, they all really get into it!  If Daddy doesn't play, there's usually some fighting, yelling and crying involved.

Check out his curls! He may be in need of a haircut, especially with the weather coming up but I'm not sure I can bring myself to cut them off.  I have a feeling they won't be back! :(

Now that the weather is warmer, Aldo loves to be outside, especially on the porch playing with trucks.  He tries to keep up with Eliel on his bike but gets frustrated because Aldo still can't figure out how to sit on anything and scoot.  He sure tries hard though!

For as good of an eater as Aldo was at around 9-12 months, he sure has changed his tune!  He generally will eat most things you put ketchup on but if it's not a noodle, dairy, or fruit, forget it.  I've tried hiding things in ravioli like spinach and chicken but once in a while he finds it and picks it out.  Smoothies have been a great way to try and get him some of those vitamins he's missing since I can sneak in some kale or other greens!

At his pedicatrican visit, Aldous weighed a whopping 24lbs, 5oz which places him in the 71st percentile for weight and 32.5 inches tall placing him in the 89th percentile for height.  Holy growth spurt!  He gained almost 3 lbs and grew over 2 inches in three months!!! In contrast, Eliel had just broken 20lbs at 15 months!  When I looked back at Eliel's 15 month post, it's amazing how many things are so similar between the two boys.  Check it out for yourself!