A Fun Memorial Day Weekend

Now that school is over and the weather is finally nice out, we've had time to play outdoors and do lots of fun things!  Memorial Day weekend was no exception.

Before the weekend, the weather was chilly and rainy so E used some blocks to build ESW (Eliel's Shoe Warehouse) and made everyone in the house buy shoes (over and over again).  You could also return your shoes if you didn't like them but you couldn't get your money back.  Just make sure you really like them before paying and leaving.

Aldo is finally getting the hang of cutting the grass.  But, just as he has a different personality than Eliel, he also doesn't think he needs to follow Daddy in the exact path as the grass gets cut.  Eliel gets very angry about it and when that happens, Aldo just leaves his mower in the grass and walks away.  Eliel says he needs more practice. :)

We were also able to get back to the zoo and visited their new attraction Dinos & Dragons.  Aldo was quite intrigued with all of the dinosaurs while Eliel preferred to keep his distance.  We did explain that they were all robots but he still wasn't too keen on the whole idea.  We still had lots of fun seeing the 'normal' animals like giraffe, bears, zebras and reptiles.  Aldo loved honking at the geese as he rode by in his wagon too!

On Memorial Day, we went to our town's parade.  The boys were so excited and loved seeing all the soldiers, firetrucks and of course catching the candy thrown.  This was Aldo's first parade since he learned to walk and he had a great time picking up the candy as it was thrown.  In fact, he started throwing the candy back in the street and shouting 'weeee!' as he did it.  I'm thinking he'll want to be walking in a parade someday.

It was a fantastic weekend and I'm hoping for many more this summer!