Aldo's first haircut

Up until now, we had not cut Aldo's hair, except for a small trim when the front was hanging in his eyes.  He had beautiful curls at the back of his head and the longer his hair got, the more curly his hair got.  I couldn't bring myself to cut the curls off.  A few days ago, however, I started getting people telling me how beautiful my little girl was and I knew it was time.
As with Eliel, I decided to do it myself because I've gotten pretty good at it and kids won't sit still for anyone so I've got as good of a shot at it as anyone.
We set up a computer with a movie Aldo could watch and I went to work. It was hard to do with the curly hair but in the end, we were pretty successful. Aldo sat quite well and only tried to push  my hand away a few times.  He even let me use the clippers at the back without too much protest!  I think it's because he doesn't watch too much tv and was more interested in watching that than what I was doing.  He still looks so sweet with his new haircut but I miss those baby curls.  His hair is getting quite blonde with the sun and some of it seems to be trying to curl again so we'll see.  I mean, I have no idea where he would get the curly hair from if he does have it! ;)
post haircut back of the head picture

Almost done!