4th of July weekend

What a weekend it was!  We started off by heading to our local festival and since we live close, we're able to jump on the shuttle bus which is typically the best part for Eliel!  He loved getting to ride the school bus and Aldo was in awe of everything going on during his first school bus ride.  They both seemed pretty sad when we had to get off.

On Saturday, we headed to the Chicago Executive Airport for their festival.  But not because we wanted to eat more food or listen to music.  No, we wanted to be able to go out on the runway!  They boys were thrilled and we got to see a few planes land and takeoff from an adjacent runway which was really cool!  The boys also got to sit in a real propeller plane and I'm not sure who was more excited about it.  (probably Adam! ;)

On Tuesday we headed to the parade and the boys had a blast watching all the floats, trucks and collecting candy (even though they don't really eat any!)  We spent so much wonderful time as a family I was sad to see it end.  But the best news was that there are only three days left until another weekend.  Can't wait for some more summer adventures!