Picture Update

Oops, sorry.  It's been awhile although it didn't seem like it had been over two weeks since I posted anything.   We've been busy!  

We went strawberry picking with friends and Aldo had a blast running in the fields and picking strawberries off of the bushes.  Eliel enjoyed hanging out with Autumn and Emma (who are 8 and 7) and they loved doting on the boys.  It's a win for everyone!

After strawberry picking, it was time to make some jelly!  Eliel had never helped me before so I put him to work squishing the strawberries and he even got to do a little mixing while it was cooking.  He though it was cool that we started with berries and came out with jars of jelly.  Also seems to choose jelly over Nutella now in his peanut butter sandwiches! (Gasp!)

Finally, I caught the boys reading the other day when they were really quiet.  I thought maybe they were getting into trouble but Eliel was reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' to Aldous.  Just about melted my heart when I saw this!