Santa's Village

After going to the festivals and wanting to go on rides, we decided it was time to take Eliel to Santa's Village.  He wasn't quite big enough for many of the rides at the festivals but he had a desire to go on them so we knew we needed to take him somewhere.  So, we left Eliel with grandparents and headed for a family of 3 adventure!

Eliel had a blast going on just about every ride he was all enough to go on.  Mommy had fun reminiscing about what Santa's Village used to be like when she was a kid!
There were a few rides that made Mommy and Daddy sick but Eliel didn't seem to mind.  He went on the roller coaster 6 times and probably would have gone more if we let him!

I think he also liked having Mommy and Daddy to himself for a change.  I think we all enoyed spending some quality time together! Two quick videos will give you a glimpse as to his mood!

Eliel Drives a Car

Bumper Cars