18 months

Aldo is growing like a weed!  He loves to eat and if someone is eating, he wants to get in on the action!  He's developed quite the little personality and we're loving it!

Aldous has developed quite the vocabulary in the past few weeks.  He went from saying a few words to pretty much repeating whatever we say!  Often times, he surprises us with a word he recently used and even uses it in the correct context.  It's amazing the differences between him and Eliel at this age.  (I know I shouldn't compare but it so hard not to!)  Here's a few of his latest:

Aldo loves to play independently and mimics a lot of what his brother does but he's also very creative on his own.  He loves playing with cars, trucks, planes and balls.  He loves being outside and going for walks.  Currently, his latest fetishes are being on a swing and setting up the bases in the backyard so Eliel can play baseball.

In terms of eating, Aldous is a machine!  He still has an issue with texture and doesn't care for most meats and rice still seems to trip him up a lot (and causes it to come back out).  However, he's currently working on his canine teeth so we're hoping that has a lot to do with his food aversions. (Wishful thinking, I know!)  He's doing pretty well with a spoon and fork but sometimes he can shovel the food in faster if he uses his hands.  He loves drinking out of a big boy cup at teeth brushing time in the bathroom and he's surprisingly getting pretty good at it!
At his doctor appointment on Monday, he weighed a whopping 24lbs, 12 oz which places him at the 55th percentile while being 33 3/4 inches tall placing him at the 90th percentile for height. (He takes after his Daddy when it comes to that!)  Overall he's in excellent health.  His feet still turn in as he walks but our pediatrician is thinking that will fix itself over the next 6 months.  

Aldous is a joy to be around and makes us laugh every day.  Just earlier, Adam commented that he's going to be a hilarious little kid and I definitely see lots more laughter in our future!