Picture Update

Be still my heart!
 Sorry for the long lapse in an update.  We've been working on getting the basement remodeled so my extra time has been spent cleaning, moving and reorganizing!  In the meantime, however we've been doing some fun summer activities.  The picture above is one of the first times the boys grabbed hands without one of us asking.  After Eliel's tball game, they joined hands and walked to the car together.  During Aldo's naptime, Eliel and I have been playing store.  I found some great felt money at Target that Aldo can't rip or eat and Eliel has been loving playing with it.  The best part is, when you pay with a credit card at E's store, you get cash back!
Shopping at E's store 
 A few weekends ago, we went to a local town's block party.  They have a great little kids section for little ones and Aldo was treated to his first pony ride and amusement park ride.  He was excited about the pony ride and kept saying, my turn.  Although once he was on it with Daddy, he'd cry every time he saw me!  We're not sure if he was really scared or if  he was just pulling his normal mommy separation anxiety.
Riding on the horses

Aldo isn't too sure about this!

Aldo's first amusement ride
 Since Eliel hasn't had preschool, we've been spending lots of time playing with cousin Jacob.  He seems to idolize Eliel and although he's similar to Aldo in age (only 4 months older) they typically only parallel play or ignore one another.  It's fun to see them growing up together.
Cousin play time
 While cleaning the basement, we took out a dollhouse that Adam's dad had built for his sister when she was little.  The boys have been having fun moving furniture around and playing house with it.  Not sure how long the fun will last but it's been fun watching the play together!
Fun with the dollhouse

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 At a recent park visit, we found a really cool new kind of swing.  It's a double swing with a baby bucket on one side and regular swing on the other.  The boys had a blast swinging with each other and mommy was able to stay in one place instead of running from swing to swing pushing.  It was quite a heavy swing to push though!  They must have played on this swing for almost a half hour!
One more month of summer fun before it's back to preschool for Eliel!
Peekaboo at the park

Park fun

Cool new swing